TA Foods is a manufacturer and custom packager/bottler that specializes in flax seed and flax oil products. We are vertically integrated, all of our processing, manufacturing and packaging is done under our control.

We produce high quality products in high quality packaging (both retail and bulk) throughout all the major Canadian grocery stores as well as exporting to Asia, the United States, and Mexico and other(among others).




                               CONVENTIONAL FLAX


Conventional Flax is flax that has been grown in a more conventional manner – herbicides and pesticides have been used to maintain weed control and insect control on the crop. Conventional flax is easier to grow than organic because primarily weeds can be controlled.

                                                      ORGANIC FLAX


Organic Flax is flax that has had no chemical or pesticide use on it. To be organically certified a producer must allow the soil to be chemical free for a period of time before they can grow their first "organic crop". A producer must have yearly inspections done by an accredited certifying body in order to keep their organic status. The certifying body wants to ensure that the crop is grown without chemical use and is stored in an "uncontaminated" manner – to ensure that there is no cross contamination between crop with pesticide use and organically grown crop. From a nutritional standpoint there are no chemicals being ingested by humans/animals when it is organic.


Whole Flax Seed is a blue flowering plant that is grown on the Western Canadian Prairies for its oil rich seeds. Flax seed has a crunchy nutty flavour and is excellent to use on cereals, toast or salad. You can also mix your Flax seed into fruit or vegetable juices.


TAFoods Retail Bag
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Flax oil 500 ML
250ml Conventional Oil in plastic bottle
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TAFoods Retail Oil
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TA Foods is proud to have a full line of retail products in both Conventional and Organic.


TA Foods Flax Oil - 250ml

TA Foods Flax Oil - 500ml

TA Foods Organic Flax Oil - 250ml

TA Foods Organic Flax Oil - 500ml

TA Foods Flax Oil - 250ml - Chili Flavour

TA Foods Flax Oil - 250ml - Curry Flavour

TA Foods Flax Oil - 250ml - Garlic Flavour

TA Foods Flax Oil - 250ml - Mixed Herbs Flavour

TA Foods Whole Flax - 500g

TA Foods Organic Whole Flax - 500g

TA Foods Milled Flax - 500g

TA Foods Organic Milled Flax - 500g


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TAF Product Spread

TA Foods retail flax products