The Popowich family has been involved with the Canadian and North American grain industry for more than 30 years. In the 1980's the Popowich family farm grew from its modest beginnings as the area's leading pulse and seed cleaning facility to a state-of-the-art oat mill with over 120 employees. "Popowich Milling Ltd." was sold to Grain Millers Inc. in 2001/2002. TA Foods Ltd., founded shortly thereafter as a health food industry supplier, continues to work with local growers in one of the world's largest flax growing regions – Saskatchewan. 

TA Foods supplies whole flax, milled flax, and flax oil in both bulk or retail packaging, and in both organic and non-organic varieties. Please contact us for distribution opportunities. 

TA Foods offers a full service (turnkey) private labelling program for both bottled products and retail bags, and is happy to supply label design and branding information to any potential future customer. In addition to this, TA Foods also offers custom blending, roasting, bottling, cleaning and packaging for a variety of other retail and bulk products. 


TA Foods is dedicated to providing healthful, functional foods to the marketplace. For the best food products, start with the best seed and soil. Our flax seeds are harvested and processed by preserving the biological activity vital to the health benefits of FLAX OMEGA-3, LIGNANS & FIBRE. Consumer products featuring our flax and flax oil can proudly carry this assurance seal: PRODUCT OF CANADA. In providing healthful, functional foods to the marketplace, we supply and assist retailers, functional food
manufacturers and nutrition companies to expand their brands and product lines of natural and organic flax food ingredients.


TA Foods Ltd. Offers:
1. Turn-key private label opportunities
2. Supply worldwide (currently shipping to Ireland, South Korea, Taiwan, China, USA, Canada, Mexico, Columbia, Japan)
2. Fully integrated facilities (cleaning plant, bulk seed supply, bulk oil supply, retail seed and oil products) ensures competitive pricing.
3. Quality and freshness is our guarantee.




We are committed to gathering the best of nature’s flax harvest that is true to our heritage, and helping our broad spectrum of customers convert them into health conscious foods and nutrition.

TA Foods Ltd. is a certified food processing company, located in the heart of the Canadian prairies;Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada. We are proud to say our company is family owned and operated. 

We are continually ensuring the highest of standards of food safety by conducting regular maintenance to our processing lines, equipment and facility. We are constantly upgrading to better serve our customers. 

At TA Foods our employees are trained on a variety of tasks and also general food safety, quality control and follow the HACCP Program. We encourage a friendly and professional atmosphere where all employees are treated with respect and encourage to work as a team. We carry out monthly meetings and allow all employees to voice any issues or safety concerns.  

120 Myrtle Ave
Yorkton, Saskatchewan
Canada S3N 1R1
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